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Industrial Battery Sales & Service represents Crown Batteries and Hobart Chargers for use in your Electric Forklift Trucks. We stock the most commonly used industrial batteries and chargers in our facility in Villa Park, Illinois.

Crown Batteries

We specialize in sales and service of Crown Batteries


Ecotec Charger

Microcomputer Smart Charger


AC1000 Control Board

Prestolite Power


Flowrite Controls Watering System

Extend Battery Life


Fast Charge Systems

Opportunity Fast Charging


Reconditioned Battery

Cell Replacement


In-shop and on-site Services

Why buy a new battery, when we may be able to recondition yours for a fraction of the price?

Industrial Battery has the shop capabilities to bring your battery back to life. Our reconditioning and repair process includes acid adjusting battery cells back to the manufacturer’s specifications, breaking up sulfation crystals formed on cell plates with our constant current chargers, and replace cells that don’t meet capacity. While we perform this process, we provide a loaner battery to keep your truck up and running. Final steps of this process include cleaning and neutralizing acid and corrosion buildup along with painting your battery to make it look good as new.

In-shop Service

Replacing cells
Capacity tests
Painting and exterior repairs
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Battery Repair Department

We have an extensive repair department which enables us to do minor repairs at your facility and major repairs, such as replacing cells, resealing, running a capacity test, and painting, in our shop.
If it is necessary for repairs to be done in our shop, we have service batteries and chargers to keep your equipment in operation We also conduct battery inspections free of charge to let you know the condition of your batteries.
We take voltage and hydrometer readings of every cell in all of your batteries and send you a report of our findings with our recommendations.

On-site Service

Battery Handling equipment
Free battery inspection
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Stock Batteries & Accessories

We stock various types of automotive batteries and chargers, scrubber, sweeper and personal carrier batteries. We can install Automatic Start/Stop Controls on your chargers, which will increase battery life, save consumption of electricity, and reduce watering of your batteries.
Finally, we carry many battery accessories, such as Battery Cell Fillers, Battery Lifts, Cable Retractors, Connectors, Cables, which can be shipped UPS at your request. Stock Batteries, Chargers, and Accessories.
Industrial Battery stocks various types of new and reconditioned Industrial Batteries and chargers at our shop outside Chicago. We carry new Crown automotive, deep cycle, and AGM batteries. In addition to our batteries and chargers we stock forklift battery watering systems, connectors, cables, and charger parts.

About Us

At Industrial Battery, we offer extensive knowledge and superior service when it comes to your businesses battery and charger needs.
Industrial Battery building Located in Villa Park,Illinois, just minutes from Chicago, we are proud to offer the material handling industry's most advanced technologies from Crown Battery and Ecotec Battery Charger.
Industrial Battery knows how vital your batteries and chargers are to the daily demands of your business and because of that we offer knowledgeable technicians and a friendly staff to ensure you are 100% satisfied.
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